Bon APPétit!

Order your favorite food quickly and from anywhere with one app

One click and enjoy!

LOKOFOOD is a mobile app which allows you to order directly from your phone, whether you are in a restaurant, at home, or you want to take your food to go. If you are in a restaurant, you don’t need to wait for the waiter or constantly go to the bar.

If you want your order to go, you may choose yourself the time you want to pick up your order. For the orders at home you can see in real time where the driver is and the estimated delivery time.

Easy to use

Download the app
Choose the restaurant
Access the menu

Multiple LOKOFOOD options

You can choose from dozens of menus, according to your preferences, whether it is the type of cuisine or dish, free delivery orders or different special offers.

About us

Maybe you didn’t know this, but our technology is used in many of your favorite restaurants. Expressoft Technology has more than two decades of experience in developing software solutions for HoReCa.
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