More business, less effort

All the orders and deliveries of your restaurant in one app.


LOKOFOOD is the only platform automatically integrating the restaurant orders with the to go and home delivery ones.

Our solution is ideal for restaurants, pizza restaurants, terraces, pools, cafeterias, coffee shops, beach bars and especially for "room service" for hotels.

Besides taking the orders from the restaurant, LOKOFOOD also includes the delivery solution integrating a drivers dedicated app, respectively the solution take away for picking up orders from the location.

More orders, more sales!

LOKOFOOD automatically integrates the restaurant orders with the ones to go, or with home delivery.
Attract new customers and orders from a platform with thousands of users
The orders automatically enter the preparation and delivery flow
You have more time to focus on what really matters
... moreover, the app has complex sales and clients loyalty reporting systems.

3 integrated solutions to increase profit


More than a digital menu

The digital menu helps the clients of the restaurant choose the products more easily. And starting now, with LOKOFOOD they can order directly from the app, which means more profit for you.

Moreover, the clients may call the waiter to their table directly through the app.

With the help of the interactive digital menu, you increase the rotation speed of the chairs by at least 20%, the orders reaching your POS (Point-of-Sale) system automatically.


You have full control over the orders of your clients and of your entire process - from preparing the products to delivering them. It is the only market solution that provides you full access to your clients database.

Moreover, if you have your own delivery fleet, you may benefit free of charge from an app dedicated to your drivers, integrated in the LOKOFOOD ecosystem.

LOKOFOOD Take away

The solution Pick up order offered by LOKOFOOD allows the efficient management of the orders, including the setting by the client of the time when the order is picked up.
This fact brings flexibility both for you and for your client.
The orders to go automatically enter the preparation and delivery flow.

"LOKOFOOD comes with all the functions a modern restaurant needs: orders by app from the table, for home delivery or to go."

Marius Baban
General Manager Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest

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POS Integrations

LOKOFOOD allows the native integration with the Expressoft Technology products suite which make up a complete software solutions system for the HoReCa industry.

You may also integrate it with the software systems you are already using.

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Maybe you didn’t know this, but our technology is used
in many of your favorite restaurants. Expressoft Technology has more than two decades of experience in developing software solutions for HoReCa.
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